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Cairnhill has been supplying to the SAV Sellafield site since 2010 with several smaller Projects (B6, SPP1, and B230 Stack to name a few).

More recently we have been awarded the B6 Chimney Crane Ties and the SMF internal Platforms Contract and as well as the MSCF Project.

The project will permit the decommissioning of the stack associated with the primary separation and head facility, a major landmark on the site dating from the 1940s.

Before this can be done, a new seismically qualified stack with a large filter and fan house has been built with the ventilation being re-routed around the site.

This involves the fabrication of a network of 3,000 metres of the ductwork installed onto new high-level steel pipe bridges (approx. 600t) by Cairnhill c/w coat Highways Agency Approved Glass Fake Paint System.

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Cairnhill Bird Logo